The Training Offers:

1) Body Language and Nonverbal Communication

„ATTENTION! Your Body Talks Continously!“

The art of mime to me is a very precise form of body language in your private or professional life. Special attention is focused to the subtle signals of any minimal inner impulse.

This awareness training will change your posture and gestures. At the same time you will recognize, that this brings about your full credibility and a sustainable development of your personality.

Body language conveys clear messages about yourself and your fellow beings. This information is being transmitted and received continuously. Learn to decode and use nonverbal communication signals.

What moves you:

Learn to understand the signals of  body language

How can you avoid misunderstandings? Why do your employees react emotionally to your objective statements?  How can I stay present in difficult situations and act authentically and conclusive?

This is what helps you:

Expand your body awareness

This training will help you to discover your own patterns of behavior and to comprehensively perceive the body signals of your the person you speak to. Thus you develop the ability to responsibly respond in any challenging situation. Mindfulness, respect and appreciation will become the basis of your everyday encounters.

This is how you benefit:

  • Better assessment of situations and people and their sensibilities and needs
  • Self-confident appearance as well as authentic and compelling impact on others
  • Mindful and respectful communication and a clear capability to stand up for yourself

2) The MimoSonanz®Method

An Experiential Way To Make Unconscious Information Accessible

Key Notes:

Stored in our subconscious is all our life experience and environmental imprints as well as our highest potential. For our development it is of highest importance to gain access to this information, which shapes our lives. Our body is

  • the source of information,
  • the means of expression and
  • the tool of transformation.

From this observation I developed the MimoSonanz®Method as a way to experience, examine and transform what is hidden in the subconscious and hinders us to live our full potential.

This is an unusual but very effective tool for all of those, who are involved in personal growth work, consulting or healing professions.

The Seminar´s Goal:

Utilizing questions, concerns or requests of participants, I will demonstrate the various forms and ways to apply the MimoSonanz®Method.
This seminar will demonstrate how this method works.

It will also train the participants in body awareness, sensitivity and body expression. We need to be able to recognize and express patterns of behavior and be able to understand body language. In addition this seminar is the introduction to the possible applications of this unique and holistic method. It also counts as the first module for the training to become a certified MimoSonanz®Practitioner.

MimoSonanz® is radical and efficient!
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