The MimoSonanz®Method

The Method

The MimoSonanz® is a method which makes the unconscious aspects of a mental or physical problem visible. This is done via movement, mime and body expression. Both the emergence as well as the solution of any problematic situation are stored in the body-energy-system of each human and can be expressed physically, by being in resonance with the client. Thus MimoSonanz® is a nonverbal feedback in body language.

This kind of feedback can result in a very impressive and beneficial experience. In addition the client can then re-enact the MimoSonanz®, experiencing his/her own momentary life situation and a new way of resolving the problem. Deep unconscious feelings will come into awareness and can be dealt with through transformation.

The MimoSonanz® can support any individual human experience or challenge, as well as those of organizations.

The MimoSonanz® is an unusual and extremely impactful tool, especially for those active in personal development work or in advisory and  healing professions. It is a tool to support the process of developing one´s personality and self-awareness, which can have a profound impact.

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Case study

The client visiting me im my coaching – praxis:

Birgit (28 years old),  June 9, 2017

A short description of Birgit´s current situation:

She is back home after a long period abroad, now looking for a job. She lives with her mother again, feeling obliged to look after her, blaming herself not knowing what her new job could be.

Finding a short and powerful affirmation for Birgit´s goal (Mental Mantra):

„ I love myself, live my truth and let go!”

MimoSonanz® sequence of movements (Body Mantra):

  • standing upright, turning left onto the right knee (see photo 1),
  • strong movements of protection with the hands (see photo 2),
  • shouting furiously, beating the floor, crouched down for a while (see photo 3),
  • getting back up, making a small bow  (see photo 4),
  • the right hand vibrating in front of the heart (see photo 5),
  • using the voice for harmonious sounds, turning to the front, one quick and strong movement with the left hand downwards, breathing out loudly, then right hand to the heart, left hand to the solar plexus (see photo 6),
  • humming, one step forward with the right foot, breathing heavily, crying of joy, jumping forward and finding a stable stance (see photo 7),
  • opening the arms, smiling with a clear view ahead (see photo 8).

My email to Birgit, July 4, 2017

Hello Birgit,
on Thursday it will be 28 days after the MimoSonanz!
What happened in the meantime?

Best regards,


Birgit´s email to me, July 5, 2017

Hello Samuel,

Thank you so much for the session – it really helped me a lot.

Since your MimoSonanz many things happened:

One week later I found my job, I immediately applied and already had my interview and a two-days trial period. I felt happy right from the beginning and everything there meets my expectations. A real great job ! 🙂 On August 8th I will start to work. Till then I enjoy my free time, looking forward to this next step!

Yes definitely, a lot has happened! 🙂

Best regards,


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