Two Coaching Offers:


„Show me how you walk and you will discover your potential!“

This is your “career progression” – a walking analysis, which will show you all about your potential, your radiance and presence!

Discover your innate potential by walking – by your unique way of moving forward. You will get to know your lovable and wise “inner clown” who deals with all your strategies of survival and your patterns of behavior in your special and humorous way. In combination with techniques of visualization, affirmation and specific power posing you will enhance your presence and performance!

If you are really PRESENT, you are a real PRESENT for all! 

2) MimoSonanz®Coaching

The MimoSonanz®work clarifies your concern and supports you in your next step  in life, be it profession, job, relationship, money, health, future etc.!

An individual 1:1 MimoSonanz®session normally follows this procedere:

1) The focus – The mental mantra
A short checkin, to decide on your main issue and define your goal.

2) The essence  – The MimoSonanz® for you
What ever moves you, is expressed through spontaneous body movements by the coach, showing steps of transformation and possible solutions.

3) The feedback – Your experience while watching
You describe your spontaneous reactions to the MimoSonanz®.

4) The offer – A possible interpretation
The coach offers an analysis of the body signals and the movement process.

5) The invitation – The body mantra
You are invited and guided by the couch to reproduce consciously the movement sequence.

6) The gift – The echo in the body
The effect of the  body mantra is deepened by being aware of the inner echo of your body sensations, thoughts and emotions.

7) The recommendation – The integration
In order to completely integrate this new experience, it is important to practice the body mantra over a certain period of time.

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